Standard English Course

If, in line with your language trip, you not only wish to improve your English skills, but should also be able to have enough free time to explore the mega metropolis of London, the Standard English course is ideal for you! Your language course takes place in the form of four lesson units every morning, Monday to Friday. In the schedule are all those areas required to successfully apply English language: alongside vocabulary and grammar there is particularly great value placed upon conversation. The Standard English course encompasses 20 lesson units a week at 45 minutes per unit and takes place in the morning, from 09:00am – 12:15pm. In order to fulfil the requests and requirements of the individual language pupils as best and as intensively as possible, lessons are taught in small groups with maximum 16 participants. On average the number of participants is between 11-13 people.

The Standard English course is offered for all skill levels from elementary to advanced. Courses can be started every week on Mondays. The minimum duration is one week, the course can be taken for as long as desired. The minimum age of the participants is 16. Due to the comparatively small amount of weekly hours, the course is particularly suitable if you wish to combine your language course with a broad leisure programme, or wish to take your course over a longer period of time.

Extra Private Lessons: If you wish to make your language course more intense, you can combine the Standard course with an additional daily, one hour, individual lesson. This would also be an option, if you wish to target technically specific topic areas.