Semi-intensive English Courses in London

If your goal is to improve your general English skills and you wish to arrange your language course to be more intense, we recommend the Intensive English ‘Crash’ Course. This semi-intensive English course is an optimal combination of the Standard English Course and an additional daily lesson unit. In the Standard Course all areas of language competence are dealt with: reading and listening comprehension as well as active speaking and the summarising of texts. In the additional daily lesson unit, a previously chosen topic will then be entered into which you will choose on site in the language school. Here you can choose between conversational English, academic English (if, for example, you require your English for further study) or business English.

The Intensive ‘Crash’ Course consists of 30 lesson units per week, 45 minutes each. The lesson takes place Monday to Friday from 09:00-14:30. The course can be started every week on Mondays. The maximum group size is 16 people, on average the course groups are organised into around 11-13 participants per group. This language course is offered for all skills levels, from elementary to advanced. The minimum age for participants is 16.

Extra Private Lessons: There is the possibility of combining this language course with an additional daily individual lesson of one hour. This is all the more ideal, if you wish to delve into specific topic areas or wish to make your language course more intense.