Intensive English 'Plus' Course

If you wish to achieve huge progress as soon as possible, we recommend our English Intensive 'Plus' Course! It is a combination of the Standard English Course and 4 additional, daily lesson units. This intensive course variety allows you to achieve fast, noticeable progress. All those areas are taught which are required to successfully apply English language: grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening comprehension, as well as the summarising of texts. In the 4 additional daily lesson units there is particular value placed upon improving the ability to communicate.

To best make your language course more intense and effective, lessons take place in small groups of maximum 16 participants. Lessons are taught Monday-Friday, respectively 09:00-16:30. The course consists of 40 lesson units per week of 45 minutes each. The Intensive English Course is offered for all skill levels, from elementary to advanced. Courses can be started every week on Mondays. The minimum duration is one week, the course can be taken for as long as desired. The minimum age of participants is 16.

Extra Private Lessons: If you wish to make your language course more intense, you can combine this course with an additional daily, one hour, individual lesson. This would particularly be an option, if you especially wish to work on technically specific topic areas.