IELTS – English exam course

Just like the Cambridge Certificates, the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) was developed under the management of the University of Cambridge. In the IELTS exams the language skills are ranked on a scale of 0-9. A good IELTS test result is a prerequisite for admission at many universities worldwide (especially in Great Britain, Ireland and Australia. According to your desires, you can take the IELTS exam as a follow-on from the language course in London, or back in your home country.

For the IELTS Exam Course you can choose between 20 or 40 lesson units per week at 45 minutes each. In the language course with 20 lesson units you will be preparing yourself the entire duration for the exam. In the intensive course of 40 lesson units you take a general English course in the mornings and the special IELTS exam preparation in the afternoons. This model has the advantage that alongside the exam preparation you can also highly improve or refresh your general English within the areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking. We recommend participating in the IELTS course over a period of 4 weeks, respectively before the examination date (1x per month). Of course participation is possible on other dates.

Please be aware that a prerequisite for participation in the IELTS course is to have at least established intermediate skills.