Business English Courses in London

In many areas of today’s careers, knowledge of the English language has become indispensable. For our participants who wish to improve their English skills for career reasons, or it is their goal to increase their chances on the international employment market, we offer special business courses. Our Business English Courses come in different varieties. There is the Standard type of 20 lesson units per week of 45 minutes each, or the Intensive format of 40 lesson units per week of 45 minutes each. In order for the language teacher to best fulfil the requests and requirements of the individual language trip pupils as best and as intensively as possible, the lessons are taught in small groups with max. 16 participants. Courses can be started every week on Mondays.

The Standard Business English Course is set around learning business vocabulary and communicating in the areas of the working world. You will learn how to carry out telephone conversations and negotiations in the English language, write business letters, hold presentations, and manoeuvre yourself freely in an international environment. It takes place Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 12:15.

The Intensive Business English Course is an optimal combination of the general Standard English Course, as well as the special business lesson. This has the advantage that you not only work on career specific vocabulary in the mornings, but also do not lose sight of general, important aspects of the English language. These will be the focus of the afternoon sessions. Here all areas of the English language are dealt with which are required to successfully apply the English language: alongside grammar, vocabulary, as well as reading and listening comprehension, there is particular value placed upon active communication. The Intensive Business English Course takes place Monday – Friday from 09:00-16:15.

Please be aware that the business courses are advanced courses, and it is a prerequisite that participants at least have established intermediate skills.